Apple Mac End Point Protection by F-Secure

In today’s advanced security environment, no device is safe unless it has the proper end point protection.

The old myth of Macs not requiring protection against ransomware, backdoors and other software vulnerabilities is fading away.

Advanced persistent threats are becoming increasingly focused on Macs due to Apple’s popularity among senior-level employees and other high-value targets.

F-Secure has acquired Little Flocker, the most advanced security technology available for Macs, from a private app developer.

F-Secure will build Little Flocker’s next-generation security engine into its new XFENCE technology. XFENCE will complement F-Secure’s existing endpoint solutions to provide advanced behavioural Mac protection for both corporate and consumer customers.

Their plan will be to enrich Little Flocker’s core technology with its security cloud, and implement firstly into its Protection Service for Business and later into their consumer product suite as part of F-Secure SAFE – a multi-device security offering.

Total Computer Technology have been working with F-Secure for over 15 years and have certified engineers and sales staff that are able to work out the best security solution for your business.

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