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Wireless Security Network Update

On October 16, 2017, Belgian security researchers made public their findings that demonstrated fundamental design flaws in WPA2 that could lead to attacks on wireless networks. Named KRACKs, or key reinstallation attacks, this technique can theoretically be used by attackers to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting wireless users leveraging these...
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Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, a new strand of ransomware named Bad Rabbit appeared in Russia and the Ukraine and spread throughout the day. The initial installer masquerades as a Flash update but is believed to be an updated version of NotPetya, since the infection chain and component usage is identical. ...
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5 Phases of a Cyber Attack

No one has resources to do everything perfectly. In cyber security, your goal should be constant improvement. Knowing your enemy’s objectives helps. What happens in each phase of an attack? Here, F-Secure Cyber Security Team lay it out for us:   Phase 1: Recon Timeline: months before detection The attacker’s...
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What Version of Office are you using?

In 3 months’ time (Oct 2017), all support for the Office 2007 ends. This means Microsoft will no longer supply patches for security vulnerabilities or fixes for other bugs, nor will it provide company-assisted technical support, whether free or paid, such as by-phone consultations or trouble-shooting. Is your business still...
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Backing up Office 365

Moving to Microsoft Office 365 platform is a great way to enable your staff flexibility to work anywhere, but also for the saving it has on hardware. But while there is many advantages of migrating to Office 365, there is a side that is not explained and that is that...
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