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What Version of Office are you using?

In 3 months’ time (Oct 2017), all support for the Office 2007 ends. This means Microsoft will no longer supply patches for security vulnerabilities or fixes for other bugs, nor will it provide company-assisted technical support, whether free or paid, such as by-phone consultations or trouble-shooting. Is your business still...
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Backing up Office 365

Moving to Microsoft Office 365 platform is a great way to enable your staff flexibility to work anywhere, but also for the saving it has on hardware. But while there is many advantages of migrating to Office 365, there is a side that is not explained and that is that...
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Exponential Growth Expected for Ransomware

Ransomware currency, Bitcoin is providing a viable and lucrative avenue for cyber criminals to make a living. It is funding a new online crime wave that has seen new extortion-enabling malware families at least double each year since 2012. There was one known ransomware family variant in 2012, according to...
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3 Ways to Spot Phishing Emails

New phishing scams plague businesses every single day. And spear-phishing campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Phishing is more than just the obvious scams you find in your spam folder. And even if something does get through, surely everyone knows that poorly written emails asking for your bank account info or...
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Apple Mac End Point Protection by F-Secure

In today’s advanced security environment, no device is safe unless it has the proper end point protection. The old myth of Macs not requiring protection against ransomware, backdoors and other software vulnerabilities is fading away. Advanced persistent threats are becoming increasingly focused on Macs due to Apple’s popularity among senior-level...
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