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Serious Benefits of an IT Support Service Agreement

A support Service Agreements is an important part of providing or receiving an IT support service. Successful support agreements are founded on a clear comprehension of what the business wants from the IT support service and how the IT Company can provide it. It relies on account managers discussing outcomes...
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Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks affect companies all over the world. Some attacks are relatively indiscriminate, such as the WannaCry ransomware attacks that swept the globe. Others are highly targeted acts of theft or espionage. But all cyber-attacks are a potential threat to the operations, reputation, and integrity of organisations. It is how you...
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5 Things to Consider before going to the Cloud

The cloud can mean different things to different people, however, it essentially relates to your information being stored on someone else’s server, at a location you cannot gain physical access to. For instance Google has cloud storage in more than eight data centre locations in the US, 1 in South...
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Growth of Ransomware Threats

Over the last few years we have seen a huge growth of ransomware threats, the severity of which has been felt worldwide, by big business (as reported many times in the news), government departments and hospitals; and by small businesses every day. The types of attacks have grown, changed and...
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How are you Securing your Mobile Devices

Getting mobile security under control can be challenging, but it is now a necessary component to keep your network secure from Cyber Criminals. Smartphones with access to company emails, services, or data are vulnerable to data breaches. In 2016, smartphone malware attacks surged by almost 400%. F-Secure Threat Labs have...
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