Endpoint management doesn’t stop at your desktop

safeWork is no longer an activity undertaken in a defined space. The new workplace is anywhere employees can operate effectively and efficiently – and on a range of devices from a desktop PC, to laptop, tablet, or smart phone. So why only protect one of these.

In today’s world, smartphones and tablets are just as exposed to Internet threats as a normal computer is.

Do you check your mail via your phone? Phishing attacks have you click on a link, taking you to a website. On a standard full size screen you can see that the URL is un-secure or sending you to a different domain then advertised. On a smaller device however the URL is shorten to the last few words due to screen space. Removing the warning signs that it is not a legitimate link.

Using Endpoint management services such as F-Secure’s SAFE & Protection Service for Business range – these can prevent infections with security features like virus and browsing protection. It also allows you to remotely lock or locate your device, sound an alarm and even erase your data remotely.

Talk to us about how to easily protect any device, wherever you go.

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