IT Security Stats Up Close and Personal

hackProtecting your company data is a number one priority to ensure continuity of business and an essential factor in any organisations IT infrastructure.



So you might be surprised to learn the following are true:

  • Over 70% of organisations have been compromised by a successful cyber-attack in the past 12 months.
  • The average cost of a corporate data breach increased 15% in the last year.
  • Security incidents caused downtime of more than 8 hours for 31% of impacted organisations.
  • When looking at the number of breaches per asset category, servers have typically been on top – that is where the data is stored – but user devices have been growing over time.
  • 66% of sensitive data is stored upon onsite servers.
  • 92% of IT professionals believe that social networking increases the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack.
  • The two most common insider threat scenarios involve perpetrators taking data to start their own competing company (30%), or to help secure employment with a rival (65%).
  • Only 20% of IT security professionals are confident their organisation have made adequate investments in educating users on how to avoid phishing attacks.
  • Attackers are getting better/faster at what they do at a higher rate than defenders are improving their trade.
  • 56% of organisations say it is unlikely or highly unlikely that they would be able to detect a sophisticated attack.

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