Why new devices save you time and money


One of the top things we hear from prospects when we meet with them is that their technology is old, however they claim to be happy with it and will generally use it until it dies.

 This is a false economy, though and while you may think it saves you time and money, the reality is the opposite. New devices save you time and money. Let me explain..

  •  Old PCs cost approximate 1.5x more in repairs and maintenance.
  • PCs older than 4 years cause more than a 2.1x decrease in productivity. This cost alone (more than $1200 per year) would actually pay for a new PC.
  • New PCs with Windows 10 have up to 2.5x better performance and 3x more battery life, when compared to a 5 year old device.

Business owners need to look beyond the actual cost of the equipment and more into the staffing costs. The average salary for all employees (as advised by ABS at May 2016) is $60,366, compared to a $1,000 PC. I would expect that everyone would want their expensive staff resources being as productive as possible.

Talk to TCT about how you can save time and money and maximise the efficiency your staff through better IT assets.

TCT draws on our 20+ years’ experience in this field to provide a pro-active approach to IT.

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