World Backup Day – 31st March

Today, Friday 31 March is World Backup Day, a day to not only backup all your files, but a day to think serious of implementing a better backup plan.

In today’s digital environment and all the cyber crime around, you need to have multiple ways of backing up your company files.

Have you or someone you know ever lost their phone, camera or tablet? The data could have been saved with a simple backup to the cloud, or hard drive.

One small accident or failure could destroy all the important data that you care about.

Some interesting facts:

  • 30% of people have never backed up
  • 29% of disasters are caused by accident
  • 113 phones lost or stolen every minute somewhere in the world
  • 1 in 10 computers infected with viruses each month

One of our main tasks that we do for our clients is checking their backups on a daily basis. In 2016, TCT checked 389,134 backups for our clients.

How often do you backup?

Talk to TCT about how we can work out a better backup plan.

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