18 Months left for Windows 7

18 Months left for Windows 7

It is interesting to know that about 184 million commercial PCs – in small- and mid-sized businesses, in large enterprises and in government agencies – are still running the quickly ageing Windows 7, according to Microsoft.

Windows 7 is slated to drop off support 14 January 2020. After that date, no security updates will be provided.

In short, businesses will have just 18 months to get off Windows 7 and onto a newer operating system or risk leaving systems un-patched and thus at risk of hacking and exploitation.

Of the commercial PCs still on Windows 7, 50 per cent were within enterprises, 30 per cent in small- and mid-sized businesses, and 30 per cent in government.

There are only 2 things you can do:

Replace or Upgrade

  • If the PC / Laptop is more than 5 years old, best to replace it with a new Win 10 device.
  • For devices up to 4 years old, upgrading to Win 10 is easy and straight forward.

For more information on transitioning to Windows 10, please contact our sales team.

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