Are you prepared for a Data Breach?

Are you prepared for a Data Breach?

Australian businesses ill-prepared for a Data BreachData breaches have increased 54% in 2019 so far. Which means more than 3,800 data breaches have hit organisations in 2019 already.

We know that data loss and theft of confidential information to be the most prevalent threat in 2019.

Data loss and theft continues to rise, yet two-thirds of organisations in Australia do not have either a team or capability of responding to cyber security incidents.

While most organisations were confident in meeting compliance regulations as now required, 66 per cent of the businesses surveyed have no predefined plan or capability to contain, eradicate and recover from cyber security incidents.

Measures to mitigate these threats vary, but security basics stay the same:

  1. Keep your systems and anti-virus databases up to date
  2. Train your employees
  3. Configure your firewall to whitelist only the specific ports and hosts you need
  4. Keep your passwords strong (8-12 characters)
  5. Set a password policy for staff to change on a regular basis
  6. Make regular backups which also replicate off site
  7. Continuously audit your IT systems for suspicious activity

To build a strong defence against cyber criminals, you need a business partner to help manage, guide and stay on top of the changing environment.

Talk to TCT today to review your IT to make sure you are protecting your data, privacy and reputation.

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