Using Curved Monitors

Using Curved Monitors

To curve or not to curve, this is the question! To curve or not to curve, this is the question!

Whether you’re gaming, working, studying, or even just browsing, chances are, you’re looking at your screen.

Multiple studies have shown that people across the globe spend a good deal of their waking hours staring at a screen. In fact, studies show many people spend up to 10 hours a day looking at a screen! So it’s incredibly important to choose the right screen.

Curved monitors are relatively new technology, but they are quickly overtaking flat monitors among discerning users. And there is good reason why.

They have many benefits, namely being more immersive than a flat screen which provides a better viewing experience. But they also reduce eye strain and provide a better field of view.

Being seated at the centre of all the action is an experience that is truly appreciated by those who’ve used curved displays.

Picture yourself standing directly in front of the screen’s centre when using a flat monitor: the distance from your eyes to the middle of the screen differs from the distance between your eyes and the sides of the screen.

The uneven distance of those edges in flat screens causes images and objects at the far end of your vision to appear distorted which can be incredibly off putting while gaming, working or watching media.

Curved Monitors help eye fatigue

Contrasting to a curved monitor where the sides are slightly pointed inward causing the viewing distance to be the same which mimics the human field of view creating every detail to be in your line of view.

This also helps with seeing colour on the screen because all details are in your line of view so the colours remain more consistent on the monitor contrasting to a flat display where edges may seem drained of colour.

I have been using a 27-inch curved screen at the office for the past 4 months prior to COVID-19, and I can tell you first hand that when I’m working from home all day in front of my 23-inch flat screen, I am more tired, with sore eyes than when working in the office.

There is a lot of speculation on this topic, but from personal experience, a curved monitor makes a difference to me.

Although pricing for curved monitors are higher than flat screens, they are coming down as consumers and businesses start to realise that it is not just for gamers, but office workers as well.

Call or email today for pricing, you might be surprised.

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