The Changing Cyber Landscape

The Changing Cyber Landscape

The last decade has seen a huge growth of ransomware and malware attacks The last decade has seen a huge growth of ransomware and malware attacks, the severity of which has been felt by every industry, every kind of business and many millions individuals who have been the victim of data breaches and ransomware.

The types of attacks being undertaken by cyber criminals has grown, developed and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Organisations have felt this thru loss of critical data, intellectual property, staff productivity and loss of revenue.

We are never going to see a reduction of virus, malware or ransomware activity, all we can do is put a solid plan and enterprise level products in place to reduce the risk of a successful attack and reduce the damage when you do get hit, it is ‘when’, it is only a matter of time.

An solid security plan would utilise a firewall; antivirus, web filtering and email filtering, to prevent these types of attacks ever entering your network.

A solid backup and disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plan (BCP) is also necessary to reduce the impact to your business when an attack is successful.

Talk to TCT about what we can do to set up and manage your cybersecurity, backup and DR.

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