Cyberattacks: A threat to all Businesses

Cyberattacks: A threat to all Businesses

Australian companies are increasingly under the threat of Cyber crime.

The latest Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey revealed that more than half of Australian companies surveyed were victims of economic crime in the past two years. One in three respondents reported losing more than $1 million.

The report divided economic threats to companies into two categories: external and internal, with crimes committed by external parties constituting 64 percent of attacks, and 36 percent of attacks being committed by internal actors.

In Australia, it is reported that the most common types of cyberattacks were phishing, involved in 48% of attacks, malware (39%) network scanning (24%) brute force attack (15%) and ‘man in the middle’ (10%).

Cyber crime now poses such a large threat because cyber criminals are becoming as ‘savvy’ and professional in their operation as the organisations they targeted.

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