F-Secure Wins AV-TEST Awards

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F-Secure Wins AV-TEST Awards

On March 9, 2021 Cyber security provider F-Secure won its 8th and 9th Best Protection Awards from AV-TEST for home and business users respectively, along with a Best Performance award for home users.

Thanks to its industry-leading technology, F-Secure is the only company with products that have won an AV-TEST Best Protection award in 7 out of the last 10 years, giving it the most consistent track record in the industry. “Not only did F-Secure Protection Service for Business and SAFE products provide the highest level of protection throughout 2020, but SAFE also led the field in resource-conservation,” says Maik Morgenstern, CTO of AV-TEST.

“F-Secure always strives to gain and maintain the trust of our customers by providing them the best protection against the world’s worst threats,” says F-Secure Tactical Defense Unit’s Anthony Melgarejo, service owner for the company’s preventive protection capabilities.

“We’re glad to see that our continuous improvements to stay on top of the ever changing threat landscape are making an impact. Providing best-in-class protection without compromising speed is not an easy feat, which makes this accomplishment particularly satisfying.”

The Tactical Defence Unit has been focusing on developing defensive mechanisms and preventative measures that address current and near-future security problems.

F-Secure’s systems analyse an average of 7 billion online queries, 6 billion behavioural events, and millions of suspicious URLs and malware samples daily.

Utilising the cloud and industry-leading artificial intelligence, F-Secure’s protection technology is strong enough to take on advanced threats yet agile enough to minimize any impact on the system.

“These best-in-class awards prove that our unique focus on staying a few steps ahead of the threat landscape is paying off for our customers, who don’t have to choose between the best protection and the best performance,” says Melgarejo.

F-Secure SAFE is available for home use through retailers and F-Secure partners.  F-Secure TOTAL includes SAFE bundled with an award-winning VPN and 24/7 identity monitoring and account protection.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business delivers cloud-native endpoint security and works as seamless business security offering with vulnerability management, patch management, and detection and response in a single lightweight software package available through an extensive global network of resellers and service providers.







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