Gaming Monitors – What you need to know

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Gaming Monitors – What you need to know

Gaming has become a ever growing industry and if you are into gaming, you probably already know what you want in a monitor. But if you are new to the sport (yes, I said sport), then here are some things you should consider.

The main thing to take into consideration how many hertz and the refresh rate the monitor gives out, as that can affect the FPS (Frames per second). A monitor with a low amount of hertz, caps the refresh rate.

So basically a 60Hz monitor has a maximum refresh rate of 60 times per second. In the gaming industry this is considered okay, however for high end, competitive gaming, the refresh rate needs to be higher.  The optimal refresh rate is between 60Hz – 140Hz.

One of the most important things, is size and width of the screen. Depending on how big your desk is, getting the biggest size might not be the best for optimal gaming experience.

When choosing your monitor you need to ensure that when playing games, that your screen isn’t too close, and forcing you to physically turn your head, rather than using peripheral vison.

You are better off getting an ultra-wide monitor than a large monitor because a wider monitor provide players with a wider field of view, expanding the visible landscape of the game world substantially.

Other things to look at also are the edges. Do the edges come bezelled on the monitor and how will that effect the dual screen set up?

Having bezelled ‘thin’ edges helps with looking from screen to screen, making it a more seamless feel and also increases the screen size right to the edge.  Having bezelled edges makes displaying over two monitors easier, as it eliminates the bulky sides that would be in between.

Deciding whether to purchase a curved or flat monitor for gaming can be confusing as each have their own benefits.

Curved monitors are becoming more and more popular, offering the use of peripheral vison and providing the more 3D look.

Flat monitors may not offer the 3D effect, however they work better in a dual monitor environment and can be displayed in both portrait and landscape mode.

Still not sure on the right gaming monitor?

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