Growth of Ransomware Threats

Growth of Ransomware Threats

Over the last few years we have seen a huge growth of ransomware threats, the severity of which has been felt worldwide, by big business (as reported many times in the news), government departments and hospitals; and by small businesses every day.

The types of attacks have grown, changed and become ever more sophisticated. Businesses have felt this impact thru loss of important data, loss of intellectual property, loss of productivity and ultimately loss of revenue.

The above infographic produced by one of our partners F-Secure (a leading researcher in ransomware and virus activity globally) provides a simple visual representation of how this type of business threat has progressed.

There is no expectation that we are going to see a reduction of virus and ransomware activity in the future, all we can do it put a solid plan in place to reduce the risk of infection and mitigate the damage if/ when you do get hit.

A good security plan would utilise an enterprise level firewall; antivirus, web filtering and email filtering, this is to prevent these types of attacks ever entering your network.
A solid backup and disaster recovery (DR) is needed reduce the damage done to your business when an attack does slip through the net. This should utilise a local backup and an offsite replication of data.

Instant failover to a DR site can be a wonderful method of reducing impact of an event on a worksite and is no longer a technology that is out of reach of most small businesses.

Talk to TCT about what we can do to set up and manage your security, back up and DR. And learn how you can utilise instant DR failover in your business.

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