What is IT down time costing you?

always-onThere is no doubt that having your servers or network down impacts your business.

But many IT managers and business owners are not clear how that translates to cost on the business.

According to the 2016 Veeam Availability Report, organizations, on average, experience 15 unplanned downtime events per year. It was also noted that these unplanned downtimes have on average increased in length.

As a result of these increases, the estimated average annual costs of downtime to the organizations can be up to $16 million. This is an increase of $6 million on the equivalent 2014 average.

While this figure is at an Enterprise level, there is truth in it for small to medium businesses. It clearly demonstrates that there can be huge financial cost to organizations that experience unplanned downtime. While many organizations were trying to reduce costs, it clearly shows that cost cutting can be counterproductive.

There is not just financial loss to these organisations, but other areas were impacted, like customer confidence, damage to their brand, loss of employee confidence and reduced stock price in the market.

Becoming an Always-On Business requires a great deal of effort and investment to deliver true availability.

It is more than simply providing employees with devices that enable email access while on the move.

It is about guaranteeing access to all resources, whether the resources are necessary for action requests or for nothing more than data retrieval, whether this access is needed for an employee locally or for an employee across the other side of the world.

While Always-On Business model maybe more aimed at the enterprise space, it can be adapted to small and medium business with having a good backup and disaster recovery plan, making sure there is regular backup restore tests and focusing on minimising the amount of downtime.

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