Budgeting for IT Support?

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Budgeting for IT Support?

IT services have become a critical part of running any business, especially in light of recent events with businesses embracing remote working and expanding their presence online. In fact, worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.9 trillion in 2021, an increase of 6.2% from 2020, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc.

What level of IT support does my business need?

Many businesses think they can get away with minimum IT support and still work effectively. Unfortunately that mentality can often set business up for problems later on down the road as their IT infrastructures have not been established correctly or effectively.

External or remote IT support pricing can vary greatly depending on your business activities, the size of your business and on the amount of support your business requires.

Your chosen provider will need to understand the size and set-up of your business, as well as your business’ current and future requirements, and plans for the future. This information will help your chosen IT support provider to recommend an IT support strategy to meet your current and future business requirements.

How much should IT support cost?

Outsourced IT support costs will vary depending on your IT support provider and the amount of IT support that your business requires. As we’ve mentioned, every business is different and so the level of IT support will vary depending on your business size, requirements, goals and budget. With the majority of Australian workforces needing to operate off-site and at home during lockdowns, it is important to future-proof your business and so remote IT support pricing may also need to be factored into your IT budget.

As a general estimation, according to research from Deloitte companies will allocate between two and eight per cent of their total business revenue to their IT spend, depending on what industry they are in, which averages out to roughly three and a half percent across all industries. These IT support costs can include anything from minor troubleshooting issues, up to the more expensive fixed-costs associated with licenses and hardware. While it may seem a large amount of money to spend, it is important to remember that investing in IT for your business can help to modernise your business and gain a competitive advantage.

What should my business spend our IT budget on?

Once you have worked out the IT support costs you are planning to allocate to for your business, you will need to decide what you are going to spend your IT budget on. Your chosen IT provider will be able to make some suggestions depending on your business requirements and goals, but as an example these are the standard IT services that are recommended for most businesses:

    • General IT support This is generally the most requested IT service for most businesses and covers services like remote server, desktop, and device management, and help desk/troubleshooting support.
    • Cloud services While “the cloud” sounds like an IT buzzword, businesses are embracing the technology with good reason. Incorporating cloud software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Teams enables businesses to help their workforce to operate remotely, provide easier scalability and promotes a more collaborative workforce.
    • Cyber security Preventing cyber security attacks has become crucial for all businesses, with scammers and hackers becoming more sophisticated and finding new ways to access private and vulnerable business information. Cyber security services can help your business protect your confidential business data, prevent cyber security attacks and help your business meet legal privacy and security obligations. Education is also an important part of cyber security, helping your business to make smarter security decisions.
    • Data management and backup Data management plays an important role in keeping your business running securely and efficiently. Businesses data needs to be managed effectively and backed up in order to remain accessible and available for any emergency situations including security breaches or accidental loss or deletion.
    • IT Equipment Procurement Whether you are expanding your business or are simply after an upgrade from your older IT equipment, your IT provider can be a great resource to help fulfil your procurement needs. By using an IT provider to source your equipment, you can take advantage of their expert knowledge, buying power, and to ensure that you are getting the right product to fit your requirements.

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