What we do

TCT diagnose and solve productivity issues related to your technology infrastructure. Specifically:

Underperforming servers

  • Outdated software upgrades
  • Slow private and public network connections
  • Out-of-date computer hardware
  • Phone systems and VoIP
  • Accessing your data from out of the office

We can be your complete IT department or assist and support your internal IT department for major projects, holiday support and infrastructure rollouts.

IT Support
Our affordable flat fee service agreements means you get ongoing maintenance and service. This ensures your business IT systems are running at optimum performance at all times. More productivity and less hassle.

Server Solutions
We can assist with a range of different server solutions from business server installation and server upgrades through to network design, implementation and expansions, and moving servers to your new premises or office.

Hardware / Software
Need new PC’s, monitors, laptops or other hardware for your office? We source the best deals in Sydney and Melbourne to ensure you get quality products that are right for your IT setup.
If you’re looking for operating system upgrades, anti-virus updates or you have other software requirements please contact us on the numbers at the top of the website.

Internet Connections
Reliable internet is a must-have these days. Any office that doesn’t have internet connection for any period of time is an office that’s out of the loop and can’t communicate. With options like ADSL 2+, SHDSL, Wireless, 3G, Fibre and Ethernet Services, using TCT means you will be online and connected.

Disaster Recovery
As a business we never want to go there, but the unfortunate reality is that businesses with data need to face threats to business continuity. Our disaster recovery strategy will ensure no matter what happens you can be up and running again within hours.

IT Consulting
Need IT consultants for a large project or just need some extra help in busy periods (holiday trading or other peak times)? TCT can provide you with a full service option or just talk to us about the assistance you require at certain times and we would be happy to help.

Storage and Backups
We understand that backups are a process that can slip by the wayside. It’s something you wish you did more regularly – particularly when you need to call on a backup after a system failure. Using TCT to manage your backup procedure and implementation means your business is always safe and backups are complete and up-to-date.

VoIP and IP phone systems are great solutions for business. We also offer hosted pabx phone systems (also known as pbx systems) as a business phone system solution.

Contact TCT today for all your IT support requirements.