Email & Web Management

The internet has improved the speed and efficiency of the way we do business. We are looking for faster, more efficient channels of communication and technology continues to set the pace for what’s possible.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your business is at more risk today than ever before.

We research, and evaluate the newest technology to protect your business to ensure that your business is protected from data threats.

Email and web management is a must for all businesses today. Email filtering software scans all the incoming email, blocking spam and viruses, inspecting all content and files. The web filtering service blocks viruses, spyware, malicious web threats, provides protection for all staff by applying set company policies.

These policies can be broken down into categories like adult content, gambling, banking, YouTube, Facebook and media sites, violence, travel sites and sports.

By stopping the unwanted material before it enters your network, also reduces cost and your bandwidth so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

Unreliable or unorganised storage/archiving of emails could also expose your business to legal challenges if supporting data is no longer available or cannot be found.

Data Loss Prevention

Your business most likely uses email and internet daily with increasing dependency on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, the convenience of running a business with modern technology also exposes your business to significant risks.

There are many affordable solutions to ensure that any data that leaves your organisation electronically, via email or the web, your data is not compromised at any time.

We recommend solutions with Data Loss Prevention to close the loopholes such as accidental email misdirection, malicious leaking of company information and many more.

Flexible Policy

Traditionally, website and email has been tightly controlled to minimise risk. However, stopping and blocking access is a disadvantage in the workplace.

To be effective in business, your employees need to communicate freely, using the latest web technologies.

We recommend solutions with flexible policy to ensure that your staff can be effective at work whilst simultaneously protecting your business. Rules can be applied to dictate how your staff should, can and do use email and the latest web technologies to communicate.

Flexible policy is the preferred option for businesses of any size.


All business operate under an ever-increasing number of regulations, often local and international and aligned with your industry. These can include payment information, personal information, security, privacy and

We recommend solutions that continually monitor the regulations and provide a level of protection which means that you can conduct business without fear of breaking any laws.

Inbound Threats

Most likely, use of email and the web is essential for your business.

We advise solutions to deal with undesirable content such as email virus attachments, email spam (blocking 99 and unrestricted access to websites which may expose your business to legal issues such as pornography..


With a virtualisation strategy in place your information-security infrastructure will be more resilient and instantly scalable.

In a virtualised environment, multiple virtual web and email gateways can be installed per hardware server, potentially providing huge savings on capital expenditure.


Email archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting data contained in email messages. This ensures that you can quickly access emails at a later date.

Your business may rely on your staff maintaining their own individual emails. Backups do save the data, but maybe not in a manner which can be easily searchable.

With today’s compliance legislation, it has become necessary to manage email archiving in bulk in an efficient searchable manner.

We recommend solutions for your business to manage large email archives as well as free up space on mail servers and speed up the backup times.

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