Extended Hours Support


As part of TCT’s ongoing commitment to service, we have now introduced extended coverage hours.

TCT has always had monitoring on your entire infrastructure, 24 x 7 (ie alerts for your servers, network, computers etc.), however, we only actioned issues inside business hours – ie 8am to 6pm.

So when our Real Time Monitoring (RTM) discovered an issue at 9pm, a job was raised for action by our 8am team.

Now with this new extended hours plan – we are now able to fix these issues right up to
12 midnight (AEST), which reduces your business risk and ensures if there are any issues during this period, they are actioned and fixed before you staff arrive for work in the morning. This will increase your uptime and your teams’ productivity.

As an added bonus – if your staff are at home working late or working in diff erent time zones, we now allow them to log jobs with TCT up to 12 midnight as well.

All you need to do is send an email to Servicedesk as you would normally, or call our extended hours number. We are ready to take your call or respond to your emails.

Our extended support covers Monday to Friday up to midnight (AEST). It includes remote support for all phone calls, emails and our monitoring alerts.

It’s really your own IT Department; now working 16 hours a day.