New Strain of Ransomware

New Strain of Ransomware

A new type of ransomware is coming for cloud email inboxes.

While this particular strain hasn’t been seen in the wild yet, it’s a wake-up call for those who use cloud-based email services like Gmail or Office 365.

The cybercriminal starts by sending a branded email that promises a Microsoft anti-spam service. When the user clicks on the email to install the service, they instead receive a ransomware payload that encrypts all of their emails and attachments in real time.

This attack, called “ransomcloud” will work for any cloud email provider that allows a third-party application control over your email. This includes Office 365 which doesn’t verify the app at this point, so it makes an attack like this much easier.

As always, it’s important to educate your staff to double and triple check any attachments or links before they click them.

If it seems suspicious, tell staff to err on the safe side and send it to TCT Servicedesk for help or delete the email.

If you are using O365, you should be using a backup for O365 like Datto SaaS Protection. It is a multi-layered approach that is going to keep your network and data protected.

Contact TCT today for more information and pricing.

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