One size fits all

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One size fits all

Hassle free. This is what we are all working towards.

All-in-one PC’s are getting slimmer every day, pretty much to the point where you could mistake one for a standard monitor. Whether you have a small area in your home or a tight office cubicle, an All-in-one (AIO) PC can be a great choice. They offer a professional and organised look, hiding messy cables with their unique cable management style.

AIO slim designs also add to the simplicity of the All-In-One PC which styles the device to be incredibly easy and simple to set up and immediately get started – even for those of us who are not computer literate.

Many All-In-One Windows PCs also come with touchscreens unlike the iMac produced by Apple. The touch feature is an ideal tool for artwork, design and the editing of photos.

Despite the great attributes of an AIO PC, you still need to consider all your options.

They are much harder to tinker with. Based on the AIO being quite compact machines, they will take longer to diagnose if there are any hardware issues or errors. Similarly for applying upgrades due to the device being compact and one size-fits-all.

For example, if you wanted to add more storage or memory to your AIO, you may not be able to due to the internal space. Many of the All-in-one devices come pre-configured.

Another challenge we have found is being stuck with the one monitor size as the computer is basically built onto the monitor. But there is a way to combat this by simply adding a second monitor to the AIO.

We have also starting to see a variation to the All-in-one devices.

Dell Ultra and Lenovo Tiny PCs have found a way to blend the compact design into the monitor form, creating a new breed of an all-in-one. The PCs are integrated into the back stem of the monitor. These new configurations make it easier to upgrade and service when you need to.

For more information on All-in-ones or the Ultra PCs, talk to one of our team members today. Our locally based teams in SydneyMelbourne and Horsham provide our clients with timely and specialised knowledge, letting you focus on running your business.

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