The Threat of Phishing Emails

The Threat of Phishing Emails

Email has been a go-to method of distributing malware for years, and the reason why is simple: It’s effective.

With email being the primary tool for business communications and used across the globe by organizations of all sizes, it’s no surprise that email is also today’s No. 1 threat vector for cyberattacks.

Did you know that 90% of
Cyberattacks start with a Phishing Email?

Small businesses moving to Office 365 thinking that the cloud is safer has been misinformed. In reality, it is just as vulnerable. Cyber Criminals are adapting their attack approach to using “ransomcloud” which now targets O365 and Gmail users.

Some best practices that decision-makers must consider to protect against these advanced threats are:

  • Deploy a multi-layer approach from email security to network security
  • View security for all cloud services to endpoint, with end-to-end monitoring
  • Train all users, including senior executives about phishing emails and suspect websites
  • Use adequate threat intelligence
  • Establish detailed and thorough policies

The changing IT environment can be complicated and a mind field of products. For a proven best of breed industry standard and proven product range for managing these threat, contact our sales team today.

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