Security Breach – 4 Mar 2021

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Security Breach – 4 Mar 2021

More than 80% of Data Breaches are email based.

What source puts a company’s data most at risk? It’s not hackers, or nation-state cybercriminals, or even disgruntled employees – its email.

Seemingly routine, everyday email is the most likely vector for a damaging cyberattack that leads to a data breach. But a few smart steps can be taken to reduce the risk of an email-related data breach in 2021. Employees are handling more email these days as the expected return to offices is slowed by the continued global pandemic. An estimated 85 percent of employees reported sending more emails since they’ve been working remotely.

Throughout the last year as companies remained fully or mostly remote, email handling has grown less predictable as well, bringing new challenges to IT teams – 73 percent of employees surveyed said that they regularly read and respond to work emails outside of their working hours, and almost one-quarter of employees (24%) reporting that they handle work email while doing other things.

This tracks with the long established IT maxim that the number one cause of a data breach is human error.

One of the major contributors to email based data breaches noted in the survey was remote workers making mistakes and because of distraction, tiredness and stress.
About 60 percent of employees noted that they are working in environments where distractions are commonplace. A further 73 percent of employees reported that they feel tired, stressed or upset because of the pandemic.

Recent Breaches


Canada – Bombardier – Airplane Manufacturing
Exploit: Third Party Data Breach
Risk to Small Business: Severe: Canadian aerotech manufacturer Bombardier has been caught up in a third party data breach In the recent breach at cloud services provider Accellion stolen data about many companies was obtained, including this information that Bombardier says was taken from specific servers and uploaded by hackers on their dark web portal.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Severe: Cybercriminals got their hands on a small subset of employee data including unspecified confidential information relating to 130 employees in Costa Rica.
Customers Impacted: 130 employees so far

New Zealand – Cryptopia – Cryptocurrency Exchange
Exploit: Hacked
Risk to Small Business: Extreme: Beleaguered cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has taken another expensive hacking hit. The company was smacked by hackers a second time in as many years, and they stole USD 45,000 (NZD 62,000) worth of crypto this time. Cryptopia lost USD 30 million in crypto-assets in a 2019 hack, catapulting it into receivership, where it remains now.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: No sensitive personal or financial information was announced as part of this incident, but the investigation is ongoing.
Customers Impacted: Unknown

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