Security Breach – 24 Sept 2020

Security Breach – 24 Sept 2020

Rising breach costs call for increased email security to protect your data from being compromiseRising breach costs call for increased email security to protect your data from being compromised.

As data breach risks continue to climb, the cost of a data breach is rising too – especially breaches caused by employee email account compromise. Taking a few simple steps can help fend off expensive email threats.

A new report from IBM analysing the cost of a data breach concluded that the most expensive data breaches that they’d studied in the last 12 months were all a result of a compromised employee email account and that in 80% of those breaches, customer Personally Identifiable Information was leaked.

The same report also concluded that using smart technology including automation could cut not only the cost of a data breach in half but it also dramatically reduced the chance of a company having a data breach while enabling companies to respond to an incident 27% faster.

Automation in cybersecurity isn’t just the wave of the future – it’s the technology that businesses need to start using right now to reduce their risk of a data breach or ransomware attack in an increasingly dangerous world, and it’s very affordable.

Recent Breaches

Australia – Anglicare Sydney – Family Services and Mental Healthcare Organization

Exploit: Ransomware

Risk to Small Business: Severe: Anglicare Sydney has revealed that 17 gigabytes of data were transmitted to a remote location on August 31 as part of an ongoing ransomware incident. The company maintains that it will not pay any ransom and that the main system relating to Anglicare Sydney’s Out of Home Care program, which includes the foster care program, was not impacted. The company has not released details on what information was stolen.

Risk to Exploited Individuals: No personal or financial data has been compromised in this breach so far, but it remains under investigation.

Customers Impacted:  Unknown

Australia – University of Tasmania – Institution of Higher Learning 

Exploit: Accidental Data Exposure

Risk to Small Business: Severe:  That classic human error is to blame for the accidental exposure of students’ personal data to faculty members at the University of Tasmania. In a security bungle, the personal information of 19,900 students was made public through a misconfigured Microsoft Office365 SharePoint site that was accessible to anyone with a email address.

Risk to Exploited Individuals: Severe:  The University has established a dedicated support line – 1800 019 897 – to assist students with any questions or concerns about their personal information, and experts in national identity and cyber support services IDCARE have also been engaged to provide independent advice and support to students, including dedicated case managers who work with individuals to develop tailored response plans to their compromised data.

Customers Impacted:   Unknown

Ensure you’re protecting your data and systems from common sources of credential compromise and data loss by implementing a solid cybersecurity plan.

Talk to a TCT team member today and we can show you how.

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