Security Breach – 3 Aug 2018

Security Breach – 3 Aug 2018

This week there were a few troubling breaches that stood out, especially the identity theft company LifeLock. When a company deals with sensitive information like the data LifeLock stores, customer trust is paramount…. so, when a breach occurs it really makes one re-evaluate the effectiveness of the organization.

There is a new cryptocurrency mining malware out in the wild, and instead of using an individual’s devices, this malware has been targeting business PCs and servers. The cryptojacker is fileless, utilizing PowerShell and EternalBlue to spread through a business like a disease. PowerGhost is what researchers have begun calling the malware, and it can start on a single system and then spread to other organizations.

Recent Breaches

Canada – GM, Toyota, Tesla, More – Exposed by Level One Robotics
Exploit: Unprotected server/supply chain vulnerability.
Risk to Small Business: Extreme: A breach of this magnitude and depth would more than likely end a small business due to the extremely sensitive information that was leaked. Most companies would not choose to do business with an organization that leaked their trade secrets.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Extreme: Passport photos and driver’s license scans of some employees were leaked, which puts them at extreme risk for identity theft.
Customers Impacted:  Over 100 manufacturing companies.

United States – LifeLock – Identity theft Protection Company.
Exploit: Lack of website authentication and security.
Risk to Small Business: High: Email addresses were exposed, which allows bad actors to target customers. The exploit also allowed a hacker to unsubscribe from all communication with the company, which could be devastating to small businesses.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Low: Due diligence with opening phishing emails and being suspect of unexpected emails will go a long way to combat this breach.
Customers Impacted:  4.5 Million.

United States – The National Bank of Blacksburg – A banking organization located in Virginia.
Exploit: Phishing.
Risk to Small Business: High: The cybercriminals got away with a great deal of money in this hack. Most small businesses would not be able to stay afloat after a hit like the one detailed here.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Extreme: The money taken was from customer accounts.
Customers Impacted:  Hundreds of customers’ accounts were used to steal money from the bank.

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