Security Breach – 30 Aug 2018

Security Breach – 30 Aug 2018

Phishing and compromised databases still rule the day. We highlight incidents involving a New York-based gaming developer, medical data held by a University, and the disclosure of sensitive data held by a popular babysitter application.

Recent Breaches

Australia – Melbourne High School
Exploit: Negligence
Risk to Small Business: Extreme: This is a major exposure of sensitive and potentially embarrassing information that could irreparably damage a company’s reputation.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: High: Those affected by the data breach have sensitive information about their personal medical information that is considered highly private and could leave them exposed to identity theft.
Customers Impacted:  300 students.

United States – Sitter – An app that connects babysitters and parents
Exploit: Exposed MongoDB database.
Risk to Small Business: High: Most customers would be uncomfortable with a company leaking data about their kids and when they are left alone with someone who doesn’t live there.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: High: A lot of sensitive personal information was exposed in this breach, much of it unsettling.
Customers Impacted:  93,000.

United States – Augusta University – Georgia based healthcare network
Exploit: Email compromise by phishing attacks.
Risk to Small Business: High: This is a significant breach in scale and severity, and due to the sensitive nature of the data compromised the organization will likely face heavy fines.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Extreme: Individuals affected by this breach are at high risk for identity theft, as well as their medical information being sold on the Dark Web.
Customers Impacted:  417,000

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