Security Breach – 6 Sept 2018

Security Breach – 6 Sept 2018

This week sees targeted breaches in the hospitality and airline verticals.

It has also been reports in recent weeks Australian businesses been scammed out of $2.3 million so far in 2018. The scam that most frequently targeted businesses is the false-billing scam, while employment and investment scams funneled the most amount of money away from Australian businesses.

Stay safe out there and make sure to have a healthy dose of suspicion when dealing with unexpected emails, especially those that deal with money!

Recent Breaches

Canada – Air Canada – Canada’s largest full-service airline.
Exploit: Unclear
Risk to Small Business: High: The number of customers affected is a low percentage of the airline’s customer base, but to most other businesses, a breach of this scale would be much worse. Either way, the breach is extremely damaging to the company due to loss of customer trust.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Extreme: The nature of the data leaked is highly sensitive and useful for identity theft.
Customers Impacted: 20,000

China – Huazhu Hotels Group – One of China’s largest hotel chains.
Exploit: Unclear
Risk to Small Business: High: The loss of customer trust alone would greatly cost the company, in addition to the other costs associated with a breach.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Extreme: The information is already for sale on the Dark Web. A hacker is selling the personal details of over 130 million hotel guests for 8 Bitcoin ($56,000) on a Chinese Dark Web forum.
Customers Impacted: 130 million.

Russia – ABBYY – Moscow-based optical character recognition software provider
Exploit: Unsecured MongoDB database
Risk to Small Business: Extreme: Sensitive internal documents were exposed that could have major effects on their business.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Low: Only corporate documents were exposed.
Customers Impacted: 200,000 sensitive documents.

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