Security Breach – 9 May 2019

Security Breach – 9 May 2019

Phishing ScamsTraditionally, payment credentials stolen from brick-and-mortar stores were able to command a higher price on the Dark Web than card-not-present data (also known as CNP). However, it seems like the market dynamics have recently shifted, as this information is now being used to target online retailers.

Consequently, the demand for these credentials is far outpacing supply, driving up the price. The economics can be explained by the recent US migration towards chip-based payment cards, which offer a superior level of fraud protection for in-store purchases.

Such news has broad implications for both consumers and companies operating in today’s digital ecosystem. Security has to be a constant priority, since payment trends will give way to new threats, and tomorrow’s vulnerabilities will not be the same as those existing today. In order to keep a continuous pulse on your employee and customer data, consider partnering up with an MSP that implements proactive Dark Web monitoring.

Recent Breaches

United States – Microsoft – Multinational Technology Company.

Exploit: Account takeover attack

Risk to Small Business: Severe: Hackers used many different manoeuvres including brand impersonation, social engineering, and phishing scams to gain access to the email accounts of Office 365 users. Once inside, the cybercriminals implemented a variety of inbox rules to hide their behaviour as they sent thousands of emails intended to facilitate spear phishing, BEC attacks, and malvertising campaigns.

Risk to Exploited Individuals: Severe: While hackers gained access to user email accounts, it appears that their primary purpose was to proliferate the scam by sending emails to unsuspecting recipients. However, users with compromised Office 365 accounts should immediately change their passwords while also being mindful of the potential for data misuse.

Customers Impacted: 4,000.

United States – Citrix – Multinational software company providing application and software services

Exploit: Password spraying

Risk to Small Business: Severe:  Hackers took advantage of weak employee passwords and gained entrance to the company’s network via password spraying. Once inside, they were able to access internal documents and information on former and current employees for about six months. The bad actors were expelled from the network, and the company took measures to improve the company’s password security.

Risk to Exploited Individuals: Severe: As part of an ongoing investigation, it was revealed that financial information and social security numbers of employees were at risk, in addition to internal business assets. Even worse, the company also disclosed that hackers were able to view personal information of employees’ beneficiaries and dependents. Current and former employees are encouraged to sign up for identity protection services to monitor their credentials.

Customers Impacted:  Unknown.

Being proactive in developing a cybersecurity plan can be the difference in successfully defending a breach or losing millions to a harmful attack.

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