Service Desk Milestone

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Service Desk Milestone

It’s incredible to realise the year that we have all been through. To come out the other side with a complete change of working habits is surely a milestone in history.

Through it all, the IT sector in general has had a major realignment with many of our clients changing the way they now work.

Retrofitting home study’s to work spaces, juggling kids and locking yourself away for 8 hours in one of the smallest room in the house can take its toll on you, the family and the company that you work for.

From our side of the fence, our team handled a phenomenal influx of Service Desk calls, which peaked in March / April to stats we have never seen (up 300%), Zoom meetings with new and existing clients, and thousands of remote Teamviewer sessions.

In December 2020, our Service Desk jobs reached 700,000 milestone. That’s 700,000 jobs logged since the day we started TCT in 1997.

I have to admit there were moments of uncertainty, stress and genuine concern for the global impact that COVID-19 will have moving forward.

It was a long tough year.

But out of this changing global environment, there have been some good positives.

A lot of our clients took our advice and upgraded their security, systems and software to ensure that the business and their employees are safe and secure.

By adding additional layering to their network, like 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), which is a great step forward to ensuring your business data is safe.

The saying we all said in 2020, “Stay well, Stay safe” was not just personal safety, but business safety as well.

2021 is going to be another interesting year, with many still working from home, and for some, it will continue to be their permanent office for a while longer.

To ensure your business remains safe and secure, talk to TCT today about how we can help build a robust and layered cyber security plan for your business.

Robert Brown

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