SonicWall Time-of-Click Protection

SonicWall Time-of-Click Protection

Email Security - Time-of-Click URL ProtectionCyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in delivering realistic and almost identical emails like the major vendors EBay, Microsoft and Apple.

Keeping ahead or on par with these cyber criminals is challenging for any software vendor, but for those that pride on meeting the business market security needs head on, are the ones out front leading the charge.

SonicWall Hosted Email Security (HES) is such a product with its newest feature, Time-of-Click URL Protection.

So what is it?

Time-of-Click URL protection feature is about rewriting unknown links found in the subject and body of email messages.  Essentially it detects malicious URLs in real-time when the user clicks on the URL.

By changing to this method, it reduces to percentage of ransomware attacks as it is only checked and activated when the user actually clicks on the link.

Before this real-time feature, many email vendors had this type of feature when the email is delivered to your Inbox. Which meant the hacker could wait 2 hours, then change the website content to have ransomware. So when a user did click the link – they get ransomware.

There are a multitude of features packed into the SonicWall Hosted Email Security platform and Time-of-Click URL protection is just the newest that SonicWall are developing to stay on top of a changing environment.

To find out more information on SonicWall HES, click here.

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