Deep Memory Inspection Technology

Deep Memory Inspection Technology

SonicWall reveals that a new Capture Cloud engine has discovered hundreds of new malware variants not seen before by sandboxing technology.

Through the use of previously unannounced patent-pending technology, SonicWall Capture Labs security researchers engineered an advanced method for identifying and mitigating threats through deep memory inspection — all in real time.

SonicWall RTDMI is a patent-pending technology and process utilized by the SonicWall Capture Cloud to identify and mitigate even the most insidious modern threats, including Intel Meltdown exploits. The new RTDMI technology:

  • Proactively detects and blocks unknown mass-market malware via deep memory inspection in real time.
  • Detects and blocks malware that does not exhibit any malicious behaviour and hides its weaponry via custom encryption.
  • Forces malware to “reveal” its weaponry into memory.
  • Identifies and mitigates sophisticated attacks where weaponry is exposed for less than 100 nanoseconds.

Modern malware writers implement advanced techniques, including custom encryption, obfuscation and packing, as well as acting benign within sandbox environments, to allow malicious behaviour to remain hidden.

Sonicwall is in fact the only security vendor that can block Intel Meltdown exploits – which effects every Intel CPU developed over the past 10+ years.

SonicWall products enable an automated real-time breach detection and prevention solution tuned to the specific needs of the more than 500,000 organisations in over 150 countries. These businesses can run more effectively and fear less about security.

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