The Downside of Endpoint Diversity

Today, businesses use more devices over more connections than ever before.

The network perimeter extends to wherever your colleagues happen to be. And of course more devices and more software means more vulnerabilities.

With attacks doubling in number each year and growing in sophistication, it’s hard to stay on of top of cyber security.

Yet security is just a small part of what you do. How do you keep everything secure with the limited time and resources that you have?

Protection Service for Business is a service that solves challenging security and management needs, without significant maintenance or management. It’s designed to secure a large variety of endpoints, both at the office and on the go.

It’s a solution that provides outstanding security for all devices, including Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones and a large variety of server platforms.

Protection Service for Business (PSB) is the only unified endpoint security solution on the market that delivers centrally managed computer, mobile and server security along with integrated patch and mobile device management.

F-Secure do a whole lot more than just Anti-Virus –
They go far beyond traditional anti-malware!

In this day and age, you can never be too careful. Especially when it comes down to your business and data.

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