What is Managed IT Support?

managed it support

What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support in the business world is increasingly becoming the new norm, especially if your company is expanding and requires higher-grade software infrastructure.

The 2020 Global State of the MSP Report found that more small and medium businesses are relying on managed services providers (MSPs) to manage their IT infrastructure. The managed services market is expected to be worth $293 billion by 2023.

It’s not surprising why.

Managed IT support services are provided by dedicated professionals specifically assigned to keeping your IT systems running in the background. That way, you can continue doing business uninterrupted and not worry about systems outages, security breaches and unwanted viruses.

Below, we’ll outline everything you should know about managed IT support, and how it can help your business operate seamlessly on a daily basis.

Benefits of a Managed IT Support Service

The advantages of engaging a dedicated managed IT support services provider are plentiful for all to see.

1. Swift (and unlimited) support

As your business grinds day-to-day and scales in the long term, you’ll soon find that your staff and management will need longer-lasting, rapid and specialist IT support.

No more lodging tickets with your IT department. No more booking in a slot to fix your network issues.

A managed IT support services provider will provide you on-hand dedicated hours to help fix software and hardware problems that arise.

Your business won’t have to stop at 5pm with this kind of service. The IT support company will be there when you need them, so you can keep the shop open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Resolve issues before they arise

Your in-house IT team can install software and order new tech products. But that will only happen when you prompt them. How could you possibly know when to do that, especially when you’re busy running a business?

Behind the scenes, a managed IT services company will:

  • Ensure the latest software updates apply across all your systems
  • Automatically apply security upgrades as they become available
  • Consistently review your software inventory and networks (to ensure there are no gaping holes that could lead to the entry of harmful malware)
  • Remove any defunct, outdated or useless software that’s taking up critical space.

That way, all issues can be resolved without even you knowing about them.

3. Keep your data safe

There’s nothing worse than showing up to work and realising all your data is lost (or that your systems have been breached).

Having robust measures in place to protect your data, with routine back-up sessions in the background is absolutely vital to preventing this.

Once you commit to a data back-up plan, a managed IT support company can facilitate the backing up of your data at dedicated storage sites.

This way, you’ll have an added layer of protection if things go pear-shaped and data gets corrupted, stolen or lost.

How to Pick the Right Managed IT Support Company

To ensure you only hire the best managed IT support services provider that can solve your company’s problems day-to-day, you’ll want to follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Notice how many questions they ask.

Your managed IT support company must be committed to your business’ success. Forbes even labelled ‘managed services’ as an “umbrella term for an outsourcing arrangement with a technology partner”.

That means, when you have a discovery call with them, you shouldn’t be the only one asking questions.

They should be probing you to seek as much information as they can about your company so they can provide the most appropriate tailored service.

2. Ensure they’ll be proactive.

You do not want a company that just responds to systems issues when you ask them to. The whole point of managed IT support is so that the entire IT burden is lifted from your shoulders.

They should be monitoring your systems constantly so that no unexpected crises, security breaches or data losses occur. Both on-site and off-site audits and backups of your infrastructure are an absolute must.

3. Make sure they are upfront about pricing.

Managed IT support pricing is always going to be a vital consideration for your company. Make sure your provider is honest about their pricing right away so there are no surprise charges down the line.

But you should remember that pricing isn’t the most important.

Exceptional technical skills, excellent customer service and reliability will all need to be taken into account.

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