Working with TCT

partnerTotal Computer Technology has been working in the industry since 1997 and has built a solid reputation for handling all facets of IT. Our experience and knowledge has been enhanced through working with small, medium and large businesses throughout Australia.

For many of our clients, we are an extension of their business, a true business partner. We do this by analysing what they have, planning what they need, implementing to the plan; and maintaining IT proactively. We believe in providing an outstanding level of client satisfaction, which is proven by our high rate of repeat business. For TCT clients, it just works.

Your business matters to us

You don’t have to ask us to research new ways of optimising your network performance or increasing security – we’re already onto it. If you need help with your budget calculations for the coming year – no problem and no charge! Once a quarter for our Gold and Platinum SLA clients, we offer you an IT technology review where we make you aware of any of the upcoming IT challenges in the coming year, what equipment you will need to change and where you can save some money.

We try before you buy

Wherever possible, equipment recommended by TCT has been tried and tested in our offices first. Our engineers love discovering and learning about new technologies and we carefully select up to date products for our Best of Breed Product Suite so that we can offer the best solution for your business.

Our remote monitoring

TCT has developed Real Time Monitoring (RTM) software which does 24×7 round-the-clock monitoring of your systems and network. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed, which is both time consuming and frustrating, RTM will alert us to a problem the minute the problem occurs. We’ll almost always know about a system problem before you do, so we can fix it fast and minimise your business disruption, without you needing to log a job. It’s bundled into our monthly Service Level Agreements or by our Monitoring Stand-Alone Package for IT Managers.

Outsource your IT department

We want you to feel comfortable doing business with TCT right from the start, so if you like what you’ve heard about us so far, you can sign up straight away on a low cost, 12 month agreement. The 12 month contract enables us to keep our costs down and ensure productivity of our IT services are maximised. We offer 3 service levels and can further customise options for your unique business requirements. We are very proud of our 96% retention rate for renewals and customer satisfaction is paramount.

Advice like IT came from your own IT department

TCT happily functions as your internal IT department. Whether it is financial constraints we need to consider, or about efficiency and productivity of your employees, you can trust TCT to consider these issues as if they were ours and offer you the right advice according to your requirements.

Our service desk

TCT Service Desk ready to help youOur Service Desk Solutions provides all the services computer users demand, whilst reducing or even eliminating the cost for internal IT staff.

TCT has a team of engineers which gives your business access to the right skills as soon as a problem occurs, not days or weeks later.

TCT can provide your business with access to specialists with the capabilities you need giving you experience, speed and accuracy which saves you valuable time and money. Covering a wide range of solutions/technologies with a good level of knowledge and available time is not possible for just one person.

We can save you money

Traditionally IT people fix things as they break which is expensive and makes it difficult to effectively utilise technology to support your business needs. TCT looks at the bigger picture and proactively maintains and manages your IT and Telecommunications environment according to your current and future business needs. This is not an expensive process.  We do it everyday for companies just like yours and spread the research and development costs across our entire customer base and make it great value for all.

Best of breed technology

To provide our customers with the best practice, lowest risk and increased value business solutions, TCT established strategic alliances and preferred partnerships with software and networking powerhouses including Amcom, Avaya, Citrix, Clearswift, F-Secure, GFI, Microsoft, RTM and VMWare; all of which influence the credibility and authenticity of our business. We’re so confident in our selected partners that we use their technology to run our own company.