We’re Total Computer Technology.

Founded by Robert Brown in 1997 when he established a company which focused on the client’s Information Technology and Communication needs, instead of pushing products and services.


This insight quickly differentiated his business as a true business partner, a relationship he still values with his clients today. Because of this, TCT quickly
gained a reputation as a leading IT consulting and help desk service.

about us

What do we care about?


Providing the right technology to our clients is a top priority.

Our Clients

We go above and beyond in helping our clients and their teams.

Data Security

Protecting ourselves and our clients data, one attack is all it takes.


With our openness & transparency, we are upfront and accountable.

How can we help?

We focus on supporting your business needs. This enables us to form a solid partnership with you and your business.


Like many businesses we currently support and work with, you may require assistance with your communications and IT, but are unable to hire the people who are experienced enough to navigate business solutions and technologies.


We have a team of 18 engineers to ensure that your business has access to the right skills at the right time. We will provide you with a trusted and stable IT environment so you can focus on your core business.


We like to be viewed as an extension of your business i.e. your very own IT department with engineers working to resolve your IT management issues and help with projects.


We know technology never stands still and we actively review our best-of-breed solutions within the business to discover, learn and test new technology, which we can then recommend to our clients.

Total Computer Technology has been around for over 25 years.

With our experience and specialist knowledge, you can focus on your business whilst we take care of everything else.

Our Key Industries.

We specialise in offering full service outsourced IT support in Sydney, Melbourne, Horsham and Gippsland for small and medium business up to 200 users. We work with all industries, however we have extra depth of knowledge with the below.



Real Estate


Professional Services