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Comprehensive IT Support Powering Penrith’s Remote Workers

Get premium IT support—don’t wait to take your remote workforce to the next level.

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Streamline Your Team’s Processes

The remote work revolution brings with it new challenges. Don’t let the distance between your team members stop you from being as productive as in-house counterparts.

Boost Profits & Performance

Managed IT Support gives your remote team one less thing to worry about. Fire on all cylinders and watch your bottom line grow.

Prevent Technical Difficulties

Offense is the best defence. With dedicated IT support technical headaches are nipped in the bud before they have the chance to become a bigger problem.

Don’t lose time and money waiting on your IT support ‘back-up’ to arrive.

Our industry is full of inexperienced, ill prepared and ‘don’t care’ IT support teams. Don’t get stuck with a slow responding team that speaks a different language and works in another timezone. TCT guarantees your very own Penrith-based team of vetted experts for all your IT needs.

Unleash your remote workforce’s potential with dedicated IT support.

Many hands make light work. We give your remote teams the IT support they deserve to help you maximise profits and efficiency. Streamline your teams workflows, communications and uptime with dedicated IT support in their corner.

Total Computer Technology has provided quality IT support for over 20 years

The team at Total Computer Technology has been providing comprehensive IT support since before tablets were a thing and remote work was possible. Backed by our knowledge and experience within the industry, your team can focus on it’s goals with more clarity than ever.

Our IT Support Provides

After Hours Support

Running a business requires around the clock care. We’re the first to clock in and the last to clock out so we are there when you need us most.

Vetted Teams

Professional and experienced, our IT support staff are ready to attack any challenge that may arise during your business operations.

Australia Based

We are Penrith locals who speak your language and understand Australian businesses. We’re dedicated to protecting our neighbours.

Dynamic Protection

We don’t sit on our hands—cybercrime, technical headaches and IT problems can arise at any moment. Our proactive support aims to mitigate these problems before they occur.

Advanced Tools

Being a specialist IT provider has its perks. Our team has access to the best IT equipment and technology stacks currently on the market—meaning yours does too.

Safe-guard Your Assets

As a remote-based business, protecting your data is integral to your success. Our in-depth disaster recovery plans and defensive measures means your data’s safe at all times.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    TCT prides itself on being a comprehensive IT support service. We are dedicated to making any part of your business that is cyber facing better and more efficient—and we can confidently say in today's day and age, that’s every business out there. From cloud services to high-grade cybersecurity, data storage to ongoing system support, TCT have the best tools and team to aid in all of your IT support service needs.
    Of course, it’s the nature of the beast and where we thrive the most. Whether your business is remote based or in-house, in Perth, our remote IT support services will be like an ally operating smoothly in the background. Our team are experienced when it comes to working remotely and know how to do so in an efficient, non-intrusive way.
    The price of our services hugely depends on the agreement between us and yourself as the client. When you schedule your free IT assessment, we will be able to outline your business’s exact needs and align them with the IT support services you need—guaranteeing you get the most cybersecurity value for your money.
    Every business is unique and we do not discriminate. If your business can benefit from cybersecurity measures, we will be more than willing to implement, cover and maintain all of your IT support needs. Nowadays, there aren’t many businesses that don’t require some level of cybersecurity measures to be put in place—why not utilise our free IT assessment to see if this applies to you?
    From large in-house corporations to small remote start-ups, TCT works across industries and borders. Being Penrith-based, a large portion of our clients are from businesses in various industries in Australia, but we love working across borders too! From eCommerce to insurance, law, telehealth or brick-and-mortar businesses, if any part of your business is exposed online, we will be more than happy to help.
    No. This is often a concern of our clients, who value their in-house support staff and don’t want to risk their roles within the company. TCT can provide comprehensive IT support if that is required of course—but it’s not our main goal. We aim to provide unparalleled IT support that compliments existing processes and teams. Our team are experts at integrating with existing teams in order to get the most out of your businesses resources. When you hire TCT for IT support, in-house staff now have valuable time freed up to dedicate to improving your businesses in a myriad of other ways.
    With the most advanced and secure cloud services on the market, TCT is able to guarantee the safety of your data in the event of natural disasters or physical theft. Our remote team regularly checks and backs-up your business’s important data, ensuring that you are never exposed to the risks a natural disaster can bring to your team or your customers. Operate with confidence with TCT in your corner.