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Get expert IT support that enables you to take your business to the next level.

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Streamline Your Business

Eliminate inefficient processes and programs from your workflows by leveraging the latest technology solutions.

Optimise Your IT Budget

Consolidate your IT spend through one comprehensive solution, and see the savings roll in.

Maximise Your Uptime

Access lightning-fast IT monitoring and support to solve issues before they become problems.

Stop wasting money on an IT company in Penrith that doesn’t deliver on their promises

You need to be able to trust your IT provider. Trust that they can actually deliver on their promises, that they provide the level of support you’re paying them for. You shouldn’t feel stuck waiting hours for a simple IT fix—or find out that you’re actually dealing with a company operating in a different timezone.

Unleash your remote workforce’s potential with dedicated IT support.

It’s time to gain peace of mind that your business’ IT needs are taken care of, and you’ve got dedicated IT support in your corner. From comprehensive IT support, and technology optimisation and upgrades, to immediate responsive cybersecurity solutions, we provide tailored IT support services that streamline your workflows, optimise your communications, and maximise your uptime.

Total Computer Technology has been helping Penrith business thrive for over 20 years

Let our experienced team of specialists take care of your entire IT suite, while you focus on running your business.

Build a Thriving Business With Our IT Support in Penrith

After Hours Support

We provide comprehensive IT support outside of regular business hours, so you can trust that we’re there to solve your issues when you need us.

A Highly Experienced Team

Our team of skilled technicians has decades of experience in the IT industry, and continues to evolve and grow as technology does.

Based Here in Penrith

We’re not some faceless international IT centre. You can find our IT support team right here in Penrith, working to protect our neighbours with local IT solutions.

Robust IT Protection

Get peace of mind that your business’ network is secure. Our powerful cybersecurity protection ensures you’re safe from cyber threats, IT bugs, and any technical issues, before they become a problem.

Leading Business Technology

We work with the latest IT platforms and technology stacks, which means that your business has access to them, too.

Comprehensive Data Backup

Our in-depth disaster recovery plans and defensive measures ensures that your business’ critical data remains safe, and you maximise your uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Total Computer Technology, we understand that not every business is the same. We go beyond that traditional break/fix model and provide a full range of managed IT support services to Penrith companies of all sizes. This includes everything, from helping you navigate your IT security issues, and managing your cloud solutions, to complete IT system design, secure data backup and management, and even organising your IT procurement for you. Get in touch to discuss how our IT Support services can help your business to grow.
Absolutely. The world has changed drastically in the past 10 years alone, so we understand how important remort IT support is. As a managed IT support company in Penrith, we’re set up to work remotely too. We can access your IT infrastructure remotely from our office, and integrate seamlessly into your workflow.
Your business’ IT needs won’t be like anyone else’s, so we can’t state a specific cost without first discussing your needs. So get in touch with us to organise your free IT assessment, and we can evaluate your requirements and provide an accurate estimate that way.
We provide IT support to Penrith businesses of all types. If you’ve got IT needs of any kind, from a single computer to thousands of staff, we can create a solution that helps your business succeed.
We’re set up to provide IT support to Penrith businesses in any industry or field. If you’ve got IT needs, we’re here to help.
Our managed IT support for your Penrith business doesn’t replace your internal IT teams. Instead, we work with them, integrating into your workflows to provide them with support they otherwise wouldn’t receive. This empowers them to work with more advanced IT tools and platforms, and focus their energy on supporting your individual staff, while we take care of the overarching business IT infrastructure needs.
With the most advanced and secure cloud services on the market, TCT is able to guarantee the safety of your data in the event of natural disasters or physical theft. Our remote team regularly checks and backs up your business’s important data, ensuring that you are never exposed to the risks a natural disaster can bring to your team or your customers. Operate with confidence with TCT in your corner. Our teams work in the background to ensure your business’ important information is safe and secure. This includes:
  • A comprehensive audit of your IT network to review your security and uncover any vulnerabilities
  • A tailored IT security solution that delivers busines continuity and disaster recovery protocols, using best-of-breed technology to deliver complete peace of mind
  • In-house and remote backup solutions to provide an extra layer of security
  • Granular data restoration in the event of loss to ensure we recover as much information as possible
  • Regular reporting to provide total oversight of your data security solution