Managed IT Services

We manage your hardware so you don’t have to

Here at TCT we understand that going through endless pages of specs and software requirements just to get your office running is a waste of your valuable resources and time. Our managed IT consulting services for Sydney and Melbourne clients takes the hassle out of getting your office IT up to speed and working properly.

When you use our managed IT services to manage your hardware and software requirements you will find you:-

  • Have more time for running your business (you don’t have to worry about installing this or upgrading that)
  • Reduce the risk of hardware failure (lost data equates to time and money)
  • Be up to speed with latest versions of software and hardware (no more inter-office compatibility issues)
  • Save time and money (by enabling experts to assist you, you work more efficiently)

How we provide hardware and software solutions

We source and provide leading vendors for all of your hardware and software requirements.
We provide products and business solutions to you at the best possible cost to meet your needs in terms of requirement, quality, quantity, time and location.

Technology moves fast and we investigate, test and support the products that we recommend to you. We do the hard work so that you can focus on your core business.

Our technicians and engineers are available to configure, install and roll out any solutions developed for you.

The reasons and usage of servers within a business are varied. Servers enable a business to find and manage information in one central location and can enable many sharing features for email and calendars between your team. Security features and monitoring is often improved and
a backup procedure is much more robust and easier to deploy with a server installation.

What office doesn’t have desktop computers these days? Many business owners don’t realise the impact on productivity slow desktops can have on an office. By keeping your computers up-to-date means you and your team can work fast and efficiently.

Have a team that travels or works from different locations? We can provide you with the best laptop options and ensure they work with your network and other systems.’

Firewalls & Routers
Reduce the threats to your office workflow and computer systems with our firewall implementation. We stop any threats before they can do damage to your business.

If you’re wanting computers in your office to be networked, then a switch is an important part of your IT hardware. Enabling multiple computers to be linked together, these devices make sharing and networking multiple computers easy and hassle free.

Wireless Hot Spots
With more laptops, tablets and smartphones entering the market every day, having an office without wireless is like having an office without coffee.

Routers are an essential piece of office equipment if you have more than one computer accessing the internet. We can advise on the best products and setup for your office.

Racks / Cabinets
Need somewhere to store all of your IT equipment? Boardrooms can look messy with equipment and cords laying around – talk to us about our cabinet solutions and racks for IT equipment.

If you’ve ever tried to set up a printer to a network, we understand your frustration. Let us take care of all your printer requirements from purchase and delivery to installation and testing.

Our scanners can be integrated into part of your office workflow so scanning documents and images is simple, easy and effective.

Widescreen, dual screen, LCD or LED – whatever takes your fancy in the way of monitors or monitor setups, we can help you.

Interactive Whiteboards
Be the champ of your next board meeting with our interactive whiteboards.

Frequently present to the board or run presentations in your office? Our projectors are clear, sharp and quiet.

Did you know that lightning strikes account for over a third of computer failures in Australia? Protect your IT investments with an uninterrupted power supply.

Our range of software includes:

  • Operating systems (Desktop & Servers)
  • Server software
  • Office software
  • Email software
  • Remote Access
  • Backup and Imaging
  • Anti Virus

If you would like to talk to TCT about your Manage IT requirements, please call our Sydney or Melbourne offices using the numbers at the top of the page.