Cyber Security – It’s Important

cybersecurityIt would be extremely naïve to expect your business not to be targeted by Cyber criminals. But there are businesses that actually think they are untouchable.

F-Secure conducted a survey across small to medium business on their thoughts of being a target for cyber-crime and the results were surprising.

Based on their responses, there were 4 highlighted most common “excuses” on why companies don’t see cyber security as being more of a priority.

Old School

This group assumed that their decade old protection method was still foolproof in 2016. 

There was comments like “all of our infrastructure is strictly regulated. It’s impossible for anyone to hack us.”

And “None of our employees open spam. Cyber Security is quite easy. We don’t let staff bring in USB drives or CDs”.

Too Small to Fail

This group figures that they are too small to be a target for cyber criminals.

“We are too small to be a focus of cyber-crime. We’re just not that interesting.”

And “We’re not that big. Big companies are the ones that are expected to be hacked. I don’t think we stand to lose much even if we do get hacked”.

Security isn’t Important

This group believes that cyber criminals have bigger fish to fry.

“I don’t need to worry about that stuff, I’m migrating my data to the cloud”.

And “Paying for security is like buying expensive insurance, and there is little need as there have been no incidents”.

The Know It All

This group assumes that their Security System which was implemented years ago have them covered against all attacks.

“I think we are in a good position as we have only seen 1 or 2 minor security issues per year. If it stays like that, then we are happy”.

And “I think we would know if we were being hacked. We log everything and check the network regularly for specific patterns. We’re safe”.

While some of these excuses seem plorable, it still does not cater for the evolving tactics of cyber criminals. Prioritizing the implementation of a cyber-security strategy that protects critical assets and data is by far a better approach.

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