Key Benefits of Proactively Monitoring your IT Network

When it comes to your business network, you want your IT provider to be “on the ball” and know when there is an IT issue.

Most small business owners are aware that to get the most out of their network, it should be monitored and maintained regularly. So having it pro-actively monitored makes sense.

From our perspective, all businesses should have some form of monitoring, and if you have the right IT provider, Pro-Active Monitoring.

We understand that some providers will charge an hourly fee for proactive monitoring their network, but we offer a flat fee Service Agreement that includes this, across all agreements.

It’s not something we skimp on, but rather insist on for all of our clients. It helps catch array of errors / events on PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers and other network devices.

The types of things we monitor for all listed below, but not limited to;

  • Monitoring all server event logs
  • Monitoring for proper AV updates and activity
  • Monitoring backup status, whether on-site or remote
  • Monitoring hardware failures on servers (hard disks, fans, power supplies etc)
  • Monitoring internet & WAN connectivity
  • Monitoring system bottlenecks (system processes, processor/RAM utilization, etc.)
  • Monitoring application services (Exchange, SQL, ISA, IIS, etc.)

By having this type of 24/7/365 day pro-active monitoring, ensures 3 things for your company:

Improved Productivity
Most problems display warning signs of some sort before becoming critical issues. Like a PC that the antivirus system that hasn’t been updated in days/weeks. Hard Drive alerts in servers, SANs and PC/Laptops that it is reaching capacity.

Improved Reliability
By identifying and correcting small problems early, before they have a chance to develop into larger problems.

Saving Money
We know from talking to many small to medium businesses, that hourly based, reactive break/fix support is typically unstable. In the end, they are paying relatively the same or close to the same cost per year as they would for a service agreement, but only get half the benefits.

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