Security Breach – 5 Jul 2024

AI and automation.

Security Breach – 5 Jul 2024

Just as AI and automation have revolutionised cybersecurity defences, they have also been adopted by cybercriminals to enhance their attacks. Bad actors are leveraging these advanced technologies to conduct more sophisticated, efficient and damaging cybercrimes, including cyberattacks, phishing, ransomware and credential theft. Understanding how these technologies are being misused is crucial for developing effective countermeasures.

The misuse of AI and automation by cybercriminals represents a significant evolution in the threat landscape. As these technologies continue to advance, so too will the tactics employed by bad actors. By understanding the methods and strategies used in AI-driven cybercrime, organisations can better prepare and defend against these sophisticated threats. Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire. Defenders need AI-enabled tools to contend with the rising tide of cyberattacks they face every day. The ongoing development and implementation of AI-driven defence mechanisms, coupled with a proactive approach to cybersecurity, are essential in the fight against this new wave of cybercrime.

Recent Breaches


Japan – Kadokawa Group – Entertainment Company

Exploit: Hacking

Risk to Business: Severe: Kadokawa Group, a Japanese publishing house and entertainment company, has announced that it experienced a data breach. The conglomerate is the parent company of FromSoftware, the makers of the popular videogame Elden Ring, and video sharing platform Niconico, which experienced a data breach on June 8. A significant cyberattack, including ransomware, targeted Niconico and other services. The company stated that no credit card information is stored in its systems and has not disclosed whether any data was stolen. Kadokawa Group plans to provide an update on the incident in late July.

Indonesia – National Data Center/Pusat Data Nasional (PDN) – Government Agency

Exploit: Ransomware

Risk to Business: Extreme: The Indonesian government has confirmed that its National Data Center (PDN), operated by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, was hit by ransomware on June 20. The identity of the attacker appears to be LockBit, although that is unconfirmed. The attack disrupted services for at least 210 institutions, including immigration services, impacting visa, passport, and residence permit processing. The attackers demanded a ransom of $8 million.

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