Security Breach – 8 Mar 2024

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Security Breach – 8 Mar 2024

The cybersecurity world moves fast, with both attackers and defenders constantly looking for ways to up their game. That’s a big reason why today’s sophisticated cyber threats require a higher level of security expertise and faster incident response than ever before. Fortunately, there’s good news for defenders: the combination of an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, next-generation antivirus (AV) technology and a managed security operations centre (SOC) produces an amazing synergy that arms IT professionals with the tools, expertise and intelligence they need to keep businesses out of cyber trouble.

EDR, AV and managed SOC are powerhouse technologies that complement each other perfectly and integrate seamlessly together. This winning combination can affordably provide organisations with a better defence-in-depth posture. MSPs can achieve faster incident response, improve threat intelligence and reduce false positives while minimising tool and vendor fatigue, giving them and their clients the security edge needed in today’s dangerous world.

Recent Breaches


Taiwan – Chunghwa Telecom – Telecommunications Company

Exploit: Ransomware

Risk to Business: Severe: Suspected Chinese hackers gained entry into the systems of Taiwan’s largest telecom, Chunghwa Telecom. The attackers made off with 1.7TB of data that was published on the dark web. Taiwanese officials confirmed that the stolen data includes documents from the armed forces, foreign affairs ministry and coast guard.  However, officials at Taiwan’s Defense Ministry were quick to say that the leaked data, including contracts, did not contain confidential information.

Hong Kong – Cutout.Pro – AI Photo Editing Tool

Exploit: Hacking

Risk to Business: Severe: AI-powered photo and video editing platform Cutout.Pro has admitted that it suffered a data breach. An estimated 21.4 million customer records were exposed. A hacker going by the name “KryptonZambie” shared a link to CSV files containing 5.93 GB on a popular dark web leak forum. About 20 million of the stolen records contained unique email addresses. The purloined records contained a variety of information, including a user’s User ID and profile picture, API access key, account creation date, email address, user IP address, mobile phone number, password and salt used in hashing, user type and account status.    

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