What Version of Office are you using?

In 3 months’ time (Oct 2017), all support for the Office 2007 ends. This means Microsoft will no longer supply patches for security vulnerabilities or fixes for other bugs, nor will it provide company-assisted technical support, whether free or paid, such as by-phone consultations or trouble-shooting.

Is your business still using office 2007?

If yes. It is time to upgrade to the latest technology.

Office 2007 is now 10 years old – and by using software that is 10 years old, you are not getting the benefits that you get with the new versions such as integrations into other platforms, speed, extra features, improvements etc.

You are also allowing a free pass to Cyber Criminals as this software is now vulnerable.

Office 2016 is available in many forms & favors, including Office 365 – which allows you to pay by the month for the use of the software.

Talk to TCT today about upgrading today.

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