Australians lost 6 Million Dollars

Australians lost 6 Million Dollars

Australians lost $6 million to Scams in 2019 so farJust halfway through 2019, Australians have already lost more than $6 million to internet scams, marking a 33% year-on-year increase.

The report by Scamwatch, an agency run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, reveals that scams intending to attain people’s personal information are becoming more effective and more lucrative.

Under the attempts to get personal information, cybercriminals are targeting the full suite of avenues to get your data. Nothing is being left to chance as they try hacking, identity theft, phishing and remote access scams.

Australians have lost $2.3 million more in 2019 compared to last year, and the number of reported scams remained relatively steady. What’s more, 4.1% of reported scams resulted in financial loss.

A list of some top Australian 2019 breaches can be found here.

Ransomware and malware, which fall under a different category, cost Australians $73,000 so far this year with 1,542 complaints.

It is worth noting that breaches usually take time, sometimes months to be detected and although the breaches mentioned above are somewhat known businesses, there are many businesses being breached that are not listed.

For Australian businesses, knowing how these cyber breaches occur can help them protect their own data by ensuring they don’t allow the same thing happen to them.

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