Hackers rolling in it!

Hackers rolling in it!

How much do you think a hacker could earn in a year?

It was estimated that hackers fleeced more than $2.3 billion from Australian last year with more than six million people falling victim to cyber crime.

It is known that cybercrime victims share a common profile. They appear to be everyday people / and businesses who have multiple devices across multiple locations. This group tend to use the same password across their devices and even sharing their passwords with others.

With the implementation of Australia’s mandatory data breach notification laws this month, it has never been more important to take a special interest in the security of your devices.

Despite the obvious increase of cyber crime, consumers are still behind the eight ball or perhaps in denial of the security risk that these hackers cause.

If you value your data (business and personal), you should be consciously implementing the right software, hardware and network protection devices now.

This year, is the year of cyber security and you either keep up, or get hacked!

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