Securing your Mobile Devices

Securing your Mobile Devices

Getting mobile security under control can be challenging, but it is now a necessary component to keep your network secure from Cyber Criminals.

Smartphones with access to company emails, services, or data are vulnerable to data breaches. In 2016, smartphone malware attacks surged by almost 400%.

F-Secure Threat Labs have recorded that ransomware for Android has also grown over 250% within the first three months of 2017 alone.

Most businesses are quite conscience of the threat landscape associated with their Windows computers, and have (hopefully) taken the appropriate measures to protect them. We all know that malware and ransomware can really only hit endpoints running standard Windows OS, right?


Although Windows computers are still the most popular attack targets, we have seen a rapid increase in malware targeting Macs and mobiles, due to companies and the wider public’s growing utilisation of these types of devices.

Although Mac, iOS and Android endpoints are considered safer than their respective Windows counterparts, no operating system is impenetrable – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Android dominates the OS industry for smartphones and tablets with over 2 billion active devices on a monthly basis – a significant number of them are also used for business purposes.

Just think about. Mobile devices hold massive amounts of important and sensitive data. Messages, emails, contact lists, files, location data – smartphones can potentially house as much delicate corporate material as work laptops. You don’t want this information leaked, or even rendered inaccessible – you need to be able to operate and run your business freely.

All organisations, despite their industry and size, are potential targets and in many cases, hackers see small and medium-sized companies as some of the most attractive marks out there.

In some cases, being careful might not even be enough – vulnerabilities, like the recently disclosed KRACK, may allow attackers to breach your mobile device despite you being careful and automatically gain access to your office Wi-Fi network and all the data on your network.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business makes it easy to protect your iOS and Android mobile devices against data breaches and leakage.

You get everything you need for mobile security in one package: anti-malware, anti-theft, VPN, and mobile device management.

For more information on how we can support your security needs, call your local TCT Office today.

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