Recycling – For a better tomorrow

Recycling – For a better tomorrow

At TCT we do our part by recycling what we can when we can.Here at Total Computer Technology we like to do our part for the environment by recycling as many items when we can. In the recent months alone our company has diverted 37.76Kg of bottles, paper, cartridges and inkjets from landfill.

Since 2019 we have contributed to diverting recyclable products from landfill in the amount equivalent to an elephant and even a jumbo jet which was used to pave 89.23km of roads that we all use today.

The term “recycling” is something that we regularly hear. We are constantly reminded to be conscious of the environment, but do you really understand what recycling is?

Simply put, recycling involves processing rubbish and transforming it into something new. The waste either becomes a raw material which can be used for manufacturing a new product or it can be transformed into something else.

Did You Know?

  •  Every year, about a million sea creatures die because of the plastics disposed into the ocean.
  • Millions of tonnes of paper are used by Australian homes and businesses each year, each tonne of paper recycled means that 13 less trees will be cut down.

Why Recycle?

  • Reduce pollution
  • Lower energy usage
  • Reduce landfill
  • Protect animals and their habitats
  • Recycling saves lots of money and also natural resources

The responsibility of recycling does not have to solely lie on the shoulders of big companies. Just by looking at the facts we listed above, you can understand that as Australians we can make a bigger difference when each of us will do their part in recycling to make a better tomorrow, today.

Robert Brown

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