Security Breach – 19 Feb 2021

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Security Breach – 19 Feb 2021

Protect Against the Number One Cause of a Data Breach – Human Error

Human error is the most dangerous threat that any cybersecurity plan can face.

In a recent study, 55% of survey respondents noted that human error and lack of cybersecurity awareness is their top concern. Even though they were concerned, 44% of the survey respondents stated they did not know how to identify who should be counted among the most at-risk employees for a major mistake.

The most basic answer to this question would be all staff. This is why it is imperative that you should be using 2FA software to protect who is getting into your systems when employees are working remotely.

Every employee makes errors. Security awareness training and building a strong cybersecurity culture are important to reducing the incidence of mistakes, but you’ll never stop them all.

By taking the proper precautions against damage caused by human error, you can keep your systems and data safe even when staffers aren’t on their toes.

Recent Breaches


Australia – QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute – Medical Research Facility

Exploit: Third Party Data Breach

Risk to Small Business: Severe: Investigators handling a breach at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute have announced that certain data stored in a file-sharing system from third-party service provider Accellion had been improperly accessed.

Officials say that they were told that their data had been impacted by a breach at Accellion in December 2020, and subsequently discovered that around 4% of their data held by Accellion had been compromised. QIMR Berghofer said that it used Accellion’s services to share data related to clinical trials of anti-malaria drugs.

Risk to Exploited Individuals: No sensitive personal or financial information was announced as part of this incident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Customers Impacted:  Unknown

United States – Nebraska Medicine – Health System

Exploit: Malware

Risk to Small Business: Severe: Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have begun notifying patients and employees whose personal information may have been compromised in a breach in late 2020.

Bad actors gained access to Nebraska Medicine and UNMC’s shared network using unnamed malware. The breach led to the interruption of some services including the postponement of patient appointments and required staff in the system’s hospitals and clinics to chart by hand.

Risk to Exploited Individuals: Severe: Nebraska Medicine officials say that the incident did not result in unauthorized access to the health system’s shared electronic medical record application.

However, an unspecified number of records that included information such as names, addresses, health insurance data, Social Security numbers and clinical information was compromised. Patients and employees should carefully watch for identity theft, spear phishing or fraud attempts using this data.

Customers Impacted:  Unknown

Protect your data and systems by implementing a solid cybersecurity plan today. Talk to a TCT team member today and we can show you how.

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