Security Breach – 27 Sept 2018

Security Breach – 27 Sept 2018

NeweggThe well-known Magecart group of hackers are at it again. They targeted Newegg, one of the America’s largest online retailers of electronics. This is the group responsible for the Ticketmaster and British Airlines breaches.

There is a new trend of social engineering attacks targeting employees, whose credentials can let the bad actor access online payroll accounts.

It starts with a phishing email, then evolves into accessing payroll, changing bank account data and changing settings. Overall the target stops receiving any alerts when their direct deposit changes.

Make sure to be diligent in sifting through emails!

Recent Breaches

United States – Newegg – One of America’s largest online retailers of electronics.
Exploit: Code injection by Magecart, the group responsible for the Ticketmaster and British Airlines breaches.
Risk to Small Business: Severe: A breach including sensitive payment information such as this could dismantle customer trust, especially in a company that is first and foremost an online retailer.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: High:  Those affected by this breach should contact their credit card companies IMMEDIATELY. Magecart is no joke, as demonstrated by their wide range of attacks across various industry and the scope of their abilities.
Customers Impacted:  Unclear, but the site has 45 million monthly unique visitors and was breached for over a month.

United States – Independence Blue Cross – A healthcare organization based in Philadelphia.
Exploit: Exposed database.
Risk to Small Business: Severe: The exposed database is a classic example of how one mistake can have disastrous consequences on a business. Leaving a database, and even more so, a database with medical information or medical related information is a betrayal of customer trust that cannot always be earned back.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: Severe: The data exposed could be used for insurance fraud or identity theft.
Customers Impacted:  17,000 patients.

A breach that contains medical or insurance information is never pretty. This can greatly reduce customers trust in a business and the government (depending on the country) can levy a significant fine for the inability to secure the sensitive information.

The threat landscape is always changing, which is why it is important for every organisation of every shape and size to have robust cyber security policy.

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