Security Breach – 4 July 2018

Security Breach – 4 July 2018

Hackers have been breaking boundaries across international waters from North America to Australia. In particular, there has been Malware injection and insecure databases which were some of the most damaging compromises to date.

At least 230 million individuals and 110 million businesses exposed on the dark web in this week alone!

We have also heard that popular Australian medical appointment booking app called HealthEngine has received negative attention from privacy advocates and cyber security professionals alike this week.

It has come to light that they have been sharing patients’ personal information with a third-party law firm. The information sharing occurred daily as part of a referral partnership. Not sure who opted in for that one!

Recent Breaches

1. Exactis – A marketing and data aggregation firm based in Florida.
Exploit: Elasticsearch insecure database exploit.
Risk to Small Business: High: Demonstrable gross negligence while aggregating and normalizing PII. This increasingly common exploit (insecure/ publicly accessible database). This compromise will cross state and international boundaries.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: High: The data breached could be used to execute extremely effective spear phishing campaigns.
Customers Impacted: 230 million Americans and 110 million businesses

2. People Dedicated to Quality (PDQ) – is a chicken focused food stop founded in Florida.
Exploit: Hackers gained entry by exploiting an outside technology vendor’s remote connection tool. Demonstrates supply chain-based vulnerabilities.
Risk to Small Business: High: Remote session / access tools are frequently targeted. Outsourcing and the cost-effectiveness of remote support makes this a very effective attack vector for hackers. This should be top of mind especially if an organization holds PII or any customer data of value.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: High: Victims of this breach are highly vulnerable to financial fraud and identity theft.
Customers Impacted: Unknown, but all 70 PDQ locations were compromised.

3. Ticketmaster – Global ticket purchasing website 
Exploit: JavaScript chatbot with data scraper injected in to supply chain systems.
Risk to Small Business: High: Highlights how supply chain vulnerabilities can lead to massive data loss and exposure. Companies dealing with customer data / PII should have elevated security controls in place to prevent supply chain vulnerabilities.
Risk to Exploited Individuals: High: This breach leaves Ticketmaster customers vulnerable to identity theft.
Customers Impacted: Ticketmaster has been telling the media that about 400,000 customers have been affected, but in their alert to customers they claim that ‘less than 5% of their customer base have been affected. 5 percent of their customer base comes out to 11.5 million, so we will have to see if their investigation into the breach will reveal more affected customers.

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