Security Attacks on Aussie Businesses

Security Attacks on Aussie Businesses

Security AttacksAlmost half of Australian businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the last year, which is a rise of 15 per cent over the previous year.

According to research by Telstra, the number of attacks in Australia stood above the global average by roughly 10 per cent and marginally higher than the Asia Pacific average of 45 per cent.

In particular, web application attacks and incidents caused by employee human error accounted for 38 and 37 per cent respectively of businesses that had reported a security incident.

In addition to this, most businesses found that the biggest impact on their business after a cyber-attack, was the loss of productivity, corrupted data and loss of customer trust.

While many businesses are fully aware of the changing IT environment, many still do not have adequate devices or services in place to protect their data and reputation.

It is interesting to note that if you have a firewall that is older than 2 years old, chances are your business is not fully protected.

SonicWall is not just a company that sells firewalls, they are a security company that are constantly evolving with the IT industry.

Now available, wireless access points with Capture Advanced Threat Protection and Content Filtering built in. So if someone brings a device into your internal network, you are still protected. Especially with schools and universities, there is a push for all students and teachers to BYOD.

It is no longer about one device, it is about a layer of services and devices that create a meshed network approach to the ever-evolving cyber security playground.

Being proactive in developing a cybersecurity plan can be the difference in successfully defending a breach or losing millions to a harmful attack.

Protect your data, privacy and reputation, talk to a TCT sales team member today.

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